Bonzai Moyogi Release

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During this webinar we will show some of the new features that Bonzai Moyogi has to offer: Tabbed Web Part - The New Tabbed Web Part allow companies to make the most of their intranet by structuring content for end users via an easy tab interface. This allows more information to be shown on valuable Intranet areas such as the home page Site Directory - The new site directory allows administrators to list and categorize sites to easily find the ones they are looking for, and see other sites that have been created. We have added Administrator capabilities to color code and use custom icons to help identify site categories. Users can flag their favorite sites for quick access. Employee Directory - We have now added the ability to leverage any user profile property within the Employee Directory. Administrators can now configure custom search options to target users based on languages, skills, passed projects, degrees and more. Search Display Templates - This is a new addition to Bonzai, with the release of Moyogi we have added the addition of Search Display Templates that allow administrators to target content based on user role, department, skill or language.

Bonzai is welcoming spring with the release of Bonzai 1.2 also known as Moyogi. This release offers new features and enhancements based on a mix of real client feedback, market research and innovations from our product team designed to significantly improve the way SharePoint intranets are used to communicate and collaborate.


Michal Pisarek
Dynamic Owl Founder, Bonzai-Intranet Co-founder


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Bonzai Moyogi Release