Bonzai 1.5 Release

Thursday,  03 November  2016

Bonzai 1.5 is here and it is our biggest release yet. As an increasing number of Fortune 500 organizations begin to use Bonzai as their Digital Workplace of choice, our development team has focused in on features that are needed for multi-national organizations. Features that truly unite knowledge workers in disparate time zones, offices and departments.


60 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek

Bonzai 1.5 Release

Top 7 Intranet Must Haves

Thursday,  25 August  2016

The Intranet landscape is quickly changing with the advent of turn-key solutions. Whether you’re in the market as a first-time buyer, or you’re looking to renew your intranet because functionality is lacking, there are a plethora of items to consider when looking for a modern intranet that will grow with you.


45 mins

AUTHORS:Sean Hougan

Intranet Features, Intranet must haves

Office 365 Planner Best Practices

Tuesday,  12 July  2016

Since many of you are new and unfamiliar to Planner we thought we'd walk you through a live demo of the best practices we've accumulated over the past seven months. The educational walk through is designed for organizations of any shape, size, and industry—corporations, non-profits, schools, and universities are all welcome.


45 mins

AUTHORS:Kristina Mamina

Office 365, Planner

The Business Value of an Intranet

Thursday,  07 July  2016

In a time where every decision demands to be backed with numbers, join 6-time Microsoft MVP winner Michal Pisarek, for a live webinar that will educate you on the six key intranet metrics that impact the bottom line.


45 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek

intranet value

How to Increase Employee Productivity with Office 365 and Bonzai Intranet

Wednesday,  23 March  2016

Join Microsoft Productivity Strategist, Sheldon Mackarenko and Michal Pisarek, Certified Gold Partner and Dynamic Owl Consulting. This is an interactive seminar on how to accelerate employee communication, collaboration and engagement for increased productivity.


60 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek , Sheldon Mackarenko

Office 365, Microsoft, Bonzai Intranet for Office 365

Drive Adoption of your Intranet with Nintex Forms and Workflow

Wednesday,  09 March  2016

Join Nintex Partner, Solution Innovation Partner Award winner and creators of Bonzai Intranet for SharePoint, Dynamic Owl Consulting as we demonstrate the power of Nintex in creating an Intranet solution that drives productivity and adoption.


60 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek , Mike Watt

Nintex workflow, nintex forms, intranet solutions

Extending The Value Of Your SharePoint and Office 365 Intranet Webinar

Wednesday,  02 December  2015

Extending the Value of Your SharePoint and Office 365 Intranet presented by Rosa Jamal and Chantal Cameron of Bonzai Intranet and guest Mariaka De Groot of BGC Engineering. This 40 minute session shows how the new "Hands Up" App saved BGC Engineering 250 resource hours as well as more ways to engage employees on your SharePoint and Office 365 intranet.


40 mins

AUTHORS:Rosa Jamal

BGC Hands Up, Extending Value from Office 365 and SharePoint

7 Things About Intranets I Learned The Hard Way

Wednesday,  15 April  2015

Being an intranet manager can be demanding, and there isn't always someone else to learn from in your organisation. Based on 15 years as an intranet manager and consultant, Sam will share some experiences of where things can go wrong, and how to avoid them.


45 mins

AUTHORS:Sam Marshall

Sharepoint, intranet

What Makes An Intranet Valuable

Wednesday,  18 March  2015

Using data from the world's largest survey about intranet end user satisfaction, Andrew Wright, the founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, identifies the main quality that makes an intranet valuable. He looks at what is stopping intranets from reaching their potential and focuses on two areas in particular that need to be addressed. He then provides some ideas about what successful organisational intranets are doing to address these two problems.


42 mins

AUTHORS:Andrew Wright

sharepoint, bonzai intranet, user adoption

Bonzai Moyogi Release

Friday,  06 March  2015

Bonzai is welcoming spring with the release of Bonzai 1.2 also known as Moyogi. This release offers new features and enhancements based on a mix of real client feedback, market research and innovations from our product team designed to significantly improve the way SharePoint intranets are used to communicate and collaborate.


60 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek

sharepoint, bonzai intranet

Getting a Handle on Intranet Governance

Thursday,  12 February  2015

In this webinar, nForm President, Gene Smith will present a simple model for understanding and planning Intranet governance in large organizations.


43 mins

AUTHORS:Gene Smith

sharepoint, governance, bonzai intranet

Rethinking SharePoint Intranets Webinar

Thursday,  20 November  2014

We’d like you to meet Bonzai – the pre-built intranet for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 that draws business value out of your SharePoint investment by providing the core Intranet functionality needed by most organizations. Bonzai is the result of a new way of thinking about Intranets on SharePoint and provides a rich set of capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a custom design solution.


53 mins

AUTHORS:Michal Pisarek , Denise Ching

sharepoint, content management, bonzai intranet